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Improve environmental health in your facility
Exclusive Hygenic® tanks allow for easy access and help reduce mold, bacteria, and other contaminants that can grow in enclosed tanks.

Clean Any Time
Quiet operation means more flexible cleaning schedules.

Don’t Leave Behind Cleaning Solution
Even around 180-degree turns, the T3’s equal-pressure, parabolic squeegee recovers cleaning solution from the floor.

Engineered For Safety
Minimize the risk of slip-and-fall injuries with clean, dry, and safe floors by scrubbing with ec-H2O™ and FaST® technologies.
Reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity. Ergonomic design makes cleaning with the T3 more comfortable. Increase scrubbing effectiveness and quality. Clear sight lines and simple controls mean operators can focus solely on their cleaning environment.

-Easily train new operators to use the simple, intuitive controls.
-Solution and recovery tanks easily cleanable. Exclusive Hygienic® tanks are fully accessible for sanitization.
-Quickly remove and replace brushes and squeegees. Plus, with the “no hassle” squeegee system, there are no tools for maintenance, and the blade is factory set at the optimum recovery angle.
-Eliminate the need for follow-up passes and non-productive mop-ups. A fully self-adjusting splash skirt captures scrub deck overspray.
-Scrub longer on a single tank with Green Seal certified FaST Foam Scrubbing Technology or ec-H2O technology.
-Save time and storage space with the onboard charger.
-Eliminate operator contact with wastewater and prevent clogged hoses/drains with the convenient debris tray.

Cleaning path 17 in / 430 mm
Productivity (per hour)
Theoretical Max 20,230 ft2 / 1,900 m2
Estimated Coverage*
Conventional 8,440 ft2/ 780 m2
ec-H2O / FaST 11,250 ft2/ 1,050 m2
Brush motor horsepower 1.0 hp
Brush RPM 230 rpm
Brush/pad pressure 50 lbs / 23 kg & 90 lbs / 41 kg
Solution tank description Full access & cleanable
Solution capacity 10.5 gal / 40 L
Recovery tank description Full access & cleanable
Recovery tank capacity 15 gal / 57 L
(include demisting chamber)
Vacuum motor 0.5 hp – two stage
Vac motor CFM 65 cfm / 1.84 cmm
Vac motor sealed waterlift 40 in / 1,020 mm
System voltage 24 volt
Battery amp hour rating 105 AH @ 20 hr
Battery run time (continuous cleaning rating) 2.5 hours
Product length 48 in / 1,220 mm
Product width (with squeegee) 30 in / 760 mm
Product height 43 in / 1,090 mm
Product weight (with batteries) 319 lbs / 145 kg
Power consumption amps 27 amp nominal
Sound level (operator’s ear) 68.5 dBA




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