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With a heritage of outstanding design and engineering, the 5680 delivers the consistent performance, reliable operation, and quality assurance cleaning professionals need along with the success they desire.

A corrosion-resistant scrub deck, impact-absorbing linkages, and exclusive 10/3/3 warranty all mean the 5680 is up and cleaning day after day.

Easy-to-use Quick-Train™ control panel reduces training time, making operators more productive and, with so little water used with ec-H2O™ NanoClean and FaST® technologies, operators scrub
up to three times longer between empty/fill stops.

With the automatic solution metering system of ec-H2O NanoClean and FaST technologies, the 5680 requires minimum operator interaction to deliver consistent, quality cleaning.

Increase safety and cleanliness with ec-H2O NanoClean technology or FaST Foam Scrubbing Technology. The 5680 uses up to 70% less water with both technologies. ec-H2O NanoClean technology uses no detergent. FaST Foam Scrubbing Technology uses up to 90% less detergent than traditional scrubbers.

-Clean hard-to-reach areas under toe-kicks and against baseboards with low profile corrosion-resistant scrub deck.
-Reduce environmental impact with ec-H2O NanoClean or
FaST technologies.
-Reduce maintenance costs with durable composite frame, aluminum scrub deck and rust-proof polyethylene body and tanks.
-Scrub longer between empty/fill cycles with large-capacity solution and recovery tanks (30 gal/114 L) and up to 3.5 hours of continuous run time. Add ec-H2O NanoClean or FaST technologies to further enhance productivity
-Operate in comfort with height-adjustable console that puts Quick-Train™ controls within easy reach.
-Save time with squeegee blades that require no tools to change.
-Scrub and pick up small debris in one pass with optional cylindrical scrub heads.

Productivity (per hour)
Theoretical Max 33,320 ft2 / 3,095 m2
Estimated Coverage*
Conventional 20,800 ft2 / 1,930 m2
ec-H2O NanoClean/FaST 23,400 ft2 / 2,175 m2
Brush motor (2) 0.75 hp motors
Brush/pad speed
Disc 200 rpm
Cylindrical 750 rpm
Brush/pad pressure
Disc 100 lbs & 200 lbs
Cylindrical 85 lbs
Solution tank capacity 30 gal / 114 L
Solution flow rate
Conventional 0–1.5 gpm / 5.7 lpm
FaST 0.22 gpm / 0.8 lpm
ec-H2O NanoClean 0.22 gpm / 0.83 lpm 0.33 gpm / 1.25 lpm 0.44 gpm / 1.66 lpm
Recovery tank capacity 40 gal / 151 L
Vacuum motor 0.8 hp – three stage
Vac motor cfm 65 cfm / 1.84 cmm
Vac motor sealed waterlift 73 in / 1,854 mm
System voltage 36 volt
Battery amp hour rating (Standard) 240 AH @ 20 hr
Battery amp hour rating (Optional) 360 AH @ 20 hr
Battery run time (continuous cleaning rating) 3.5 hours (240 AH) / 4.5 hours (360 AH)
Product length
Disc 64 in / 1,625 mm
Cylindrical 63 in / 1,600 mm
Product width
Without squeegee 30 in / 762 mm
With squeegee 37.5 in / 950 mm
Product height 43 in / 1,090 mm
Product weight (with batteries) 805 lbs / 365 kg
Sound level*** (operator’s ear) 75 dBA





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