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The CarpeTwin® 14 and 18 upright carpet vacuums clean a 14 or 18 inch (36 or 46cm) path, shaking loose and drawing out embedded dirt and grit that shorten carpet life.

Five-stage filtration on the CarpeTwin keeps dirt and dust under control. It begins with a two-ply 244 cubic inch (4 liter) paper filter/collector bag. (An optional cloth filter/collector bag is available.) The vac motor is filter protected so it will last longer. The final filter is a hospital grade filtration media. It protects your indoor air quality by filtering to 0.1 microns and exhausting only clean air.Sound insulation also keeps the CarpeTwin vacs hospital quiet, at only 69 dB A. With a two-motor design, separate motors drive the brush and the vacuum. The brush motor has electronic overcurrent protection, and a thermal relief valve protects the vacuum motor.

The 5,000 rpm chevron bristle brush is removable, and is motor-driven by a gear belt that won't slip or wear out.

Vacuum Motor: 1 hp, 115 V/60 Hz, 750 W, 2 stage, 88 cfm (2,492 L/min), 77 in (196 cm) sealed waterlift w/1.5 in (38 mm) orifice. Includes thermal overload protection. – BOTH MODELS
Brush Motor: Model 14 – 0.24 hp, 115 V/60 Hz, 180 W, Electronic overload protection on brush motors. – BOTH MODELS
Brush Speed: 5,000 rpm, driven by toothed timing belt.
Brush: Single row nylon bristles in a 360° chevron pattern, with variable brush height.
Total Power: Model 14 – 115 V/900 W, 8.3 amps
Cleaning Width: Model 14 – 14 in (36 cm)
Air Filtration: 5-stages, 2-ply paper filter bag, inlet foam filter, carbon brush exhaust filter, electrostatic exhaust filter. – BOTH MODELS
Bag Capacity: 2-ply filter bag has 244 in3 (4 L) capacity. – BOTH MODELS
Power Cable: 40 ft (12 m), 18/3 wire, double insulated. – BOTH MODELS
Sound Level: 69 dB A with both motors running. – BOTH MODELS
Weights: Net — 17.5 lb (7.9 kg)Shipping — 23 lb (10.4 kg)
Dimensions: Width (o/a) — 15 in (38 cm)Length — 10 in (25 cm)Height — 47 in (119 cm)



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