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Superior Shine. Easy-to-Use Design.

The BU800™ 20B/20BT Battery Burnisher is a high-performance, easy-to-use floor buffer designed for polishing medium and large hard floors. With a rigid frame and nine vibration isolators, the BU800 delivers one of the smoothest burnishing experiences on the market.

Benefits of BU800 Battery Burnishers

With a double-pivot pad-driver design for a more consistent gloss, 20” polishing path and the best passive dust control on the market for superior indoor air quality, the BU800 walk-behind floor burnisher provides the most technically advanced method for restoring and maintaining a high-gloss shine on floors.

-Simplify operation and maximize efficiency with the easy-to-use controls and self lowering burnishing deck
-Deliver a consistent gloss with the double-pivot pad-driver design, which ensures the burnishing pad stays aligned and allows the pad to follow the floor contours
-Take advantage of the best passive dust control on the market — a felt seal contains all dust in a specially designed shroud and directs it into a dual-port disposable filter bag
-Ensure operator safety with the angle-activated safety switch, high mobility and superior sight lines
-Increase runtime with dependable wet batteries or maintenance-free, longer lasting AGM gel type batteries

Power: 36 V, (3) 12 V batt.
Traction motor type - transaxle
Speed (forward/reverse)
Onboard charger standard: 36 V, 25 A DC, 85-265 V / 45-65 Hz AC
Pad motor: 2.5 hp (1.9 kW)
Pad speed (RPM): 2,000 rpm (on the floor)
Pad pressure lbs (kg): Self Regulating up to 30 lb (13 kg)
Sound level: 68 dB A
Drive wheels (cm): 1.62 in x 8 in (4 cm x 20 cm)
Length: 50 in (127 cm)
Width: 23 in (58 cm)
Height: 41.25 in (105 cm)
Batteries: 200 Ah / 234 Ah AGM
Weight with batteries lbs (kg): 551 lb (250 kg) / 596 lb (270 kg)
Approx. shipping weight lbs (kg): 597 lb (271 kg) / 642 lb (291 kg)
Low battery protection: Yes
Drive (traction or non-traction): Non-Traction
Polishing rate (max.): 24,000 sq ft/hr (7,315 sq m/hr)
Polishing rate (practical): 17,600 sq ft/hr (5,365 sq m/hr)
Pad diameter: 20 in (50.8 cm) Burnishing Path