Size Chart for
Original Reversible Twirly Ruffle Skirt

2T 19 9 1/2
3T 19 1/2 11
4T 20 12 1/2
04 20 1/2 13 1/2
05 21 14 1/2
06 22 15 1/2
07 22 1/2 16 1/2
08 23 17 1/2
10 24 18 1/2
12 25 19 1/2
14 26 21
16 27 22

Details About This Style

Runs true to size. Please make sure you don't order this exactly at the measurement she is. It's an elastic waistband and it's meant to have some resistance. A 1/2" to an 1" smaller than what she measures is ideal. Can be worn around the waist or low on the hips. It is designed to fall around the knee or a little above depending upon where she places the waistband on her body.

You Should Know:
Fun ruffle trim on both sides. If she loves skirts, this will be fast become her favorite.

Machine washable, lay flat to dry or tumble dry low. Please don't wash with zippers or velcro.

All year round. Layer with our Artisan Cardigan for cool nights.

Our UnderTwirl Shorts and/or Capri Leggings are a must-have for coverage when she twirls.

  • Waist: Measure above the hip bone going around the body. Or measure around the part of the body she wants the skirt to sit, perhaps around the hip-bone. Do not get this bigger as it will slip off. The skirts needs a little resistance to stay on, it's a fully elastic waistband.
  • Waist to Hem: Measure from the top of the waist going down to where the hem of the garment is supposed to be.