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The NSC System

No Splice Connection (NSC) Lighting

The NSC System

AQLighting Group was the first in the United States to offer the No Splice Connection wiring system. The innovative NSC wiring system is modeled after European designs, which we developed in-house. We’re thrilled to offer NSC. options that will make your landscape, underwater, or other outdoor lighting project a breeze, whether you’re brand new to DIY projects, a seasoned expert, or planning to hire a contractor.

What is No Splice Connection Lighting?

Introducing the NSC System

NSC or No Splice Connection Lighting, eliminates the need for cutting and splicing for fixture installation for ponds, patio lights, and other outdoor lighting. NSC uses a water-tight 2-pin connection—each of which is IP68 rated—to ensure wiring is protected, and the polarity is consistent. No Splice Connection lights do not require tools, enabling DIYers to simply connect the ends, using the wire nut to secure the connection.

What DIY Projects Are Suitable for N.S.C. Lighting?

NSC for DIY Application

NSC lighting kits are perfectly suited for DIY projects, requiring just one cord, rather than multiple cords for a streamlined look. Because this system is also tool-free, you can expect fast installation, not to mention endless design options. Choose from LED or halogen bulbs, and select your preferred jumper length for in-ground well lights. For underwater projects, No Splice Connection lights for ponds and fountains are available as adjustable spotlights and floodlights, and with options including eyebrow covers, curved grill covers, bi-directional covers, or no cover. Hassle-free patio or porch DIY lighting projects are also made easy, and customizable with options including, adjustable LED spotlights, and in-ground well light kits

5 Benefits of No Splice Connection Lights

Main Benefits of NSC System

NSC lights, whether used for ponds & fountains, landscaping, or patio lighting provide five primary benefits:

  1. First, they result in a streamlined project, by doing away with multiple, messy cords, or a junction box, therefore resulting in tidier overall appearance. After all, who wants to look at cords strung all over your yard, or to gaze into your pond, only to see wires and clunky boxes?

  2. Submersible NSC lights provide a strong sealed fixture, resulting in a watertight connection, preventing leaks, for underwater projects. As an added bonus, submersible No Splice Connect lights are incredibly durable, and won’t corrode.

  3. NSC lighting is incredibly versatile, and affords more options than ever for customizing porch, patio, and landscape lighting, with single continuous wiring. Likewise, you may add more fixtures for a new look, or remove fixtures, without any hassle.

  4. No Splice Connection lighting is easy to install simplifying your project, by saving time and hassle of stripping. Using just a simple T Connector, you simply need to plug in, and then screw the connection tightly to your wiring system. All told, the process takes just seconds.

  5. Finally, NSC lighting makes projects that you hire out, more affordable. Because of the simplicity of connecting, and screwing the nut tightly, you’ll save a great deal on labor and install with these easy to use lights. Likewise, servicing the fixtures, or adding additional lights to your projects will be fast and easy, saving you money and time.