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Custom FAQ and Help

Custom Cycling Apparel Frequently Asked Questions and Help

Questions to Ask Before You Start

  1. What and how many products do I need?
  2. What do I want my kit to look like?
  3. What is my budget?
  4. When do I need the products?

Recommendations for Success!

1. Communication is Key
Creating a custom product is not like purchasing a jersey off our website. It is a process that requires frequent communication between the salesperson and the customer. The more questions you ask, the more details you provide, and the more information you give us, the better the outcome of the jersey.  

2. Accepted Images
Accepted file types are .AI and .EPS files. We can use colors from your logo on other parts of the jersey. We cannot accept JPEG, GIF, or low resolution PNG files because they are non-vector files. These are normally low resolution and cannot be used to print on a jersey. If you are not sure if your images qualify, send them to us, and we will let you know. We also have design services available.

Key Words To Know

  • Vector File - Are files that end with the file extension .AI and .EPS files
  • Raster Files - Also known as non-vector files cannot be edited or expanded. They are a set image file that are usually lower resolution.
  • Pantone Colors - A standardized color reproduction system
  • Design Time - The charge for the creation of artwork for a jersey. Depending on how complex or simple the design is determines the cost.

3. Don't Wait Until the Last Minute!
Creating a custom product takes time because of all the various factors and elements that go into the process. There are many steps that go into the process, so it is always better to add a week or two onto your estimated timeline if possible. We will be able to give you estimates on how long it will take for each stage, but there is not much we can do if you are not prepared or if the questions we provided above are not answered by you first.

Design your own Custom Jersey online!

No Design Skill Required

If you don't have any artistic talents or do not have access to a graphic designer to create your jerseys, but you still know what you want in your minds-eye? Check out our interactive Custom Design Tool to customize preexisting design templates with your own logos, colors, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should my team choose Aero Tech Designs Custom?

A: Aero Tech Designs is the destination for any team, small or large, to get quality products while have the best customer service in the business. Aero Tech Designs Custom is proudly made in the USA in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and we stand by our quality. We are at the forefront of the custom sublimation process with the most state of the art equipment in the business. Our team of designers can take an idea and turn it into a masterpiece on your back. We see each team as a great story and we want to help tell it.

Q: What is the difference between Full Custom and Semi Custom?

A: Fully Customized kits are anything you could want on a jersey. There is no limit on the amount of logos, text, shapes, colors, and other designs elements. Semi Customized kits is the customization of pre-designed templates, that can be tailored to you by add logos and shapes, change colors, and make it your own.

Q: How do I get started?

A: There are 4 questions that you need to ask yourself: What and how many products do I need? What do I want my kit to look like? What is my budget? When do I need the products? After you have those questions answered, sign up on the Full Custom Request Form and we will send you all the details to get you started. From there you can design your own kit, have one of our professional designers design a kit for you, or choose semi-custom and experiment with our awe-inspiring templates!

Q: What do I do if I have a non-vector logo I want to use, or I lost track of my a vector logo?

A: We offer a press ready service to prepare non-vector, or raster, images for printing. We do need the highest resolution version along with permission from the company to use the logo.

Q: What are your lead times for a custom team kit?

A: Aero Tech Designs Custom is a first come first serve process. The number of other jobs that were placed beforehand depends on the lead time. Kits usually take 3-6 weeks after design has been confirmed. To get a better idea on the lead times, please check our main page for an updated time period or contact us at

Q: What is the minimum order requirement?

A: Aero Tech Designs Custom does request that you have at least 10 units of garment style. If you would like 2 different designs then we must have the minimum order of 10 as well. They cannot be mixed and matched with various garments and styles. Semi Custom Designs have a 0 unit minimum. Each design setup must have its own minimum order requirement.

Q: How much will my Kit cost?

A: The price for items will be listed on our Price Guide. All of our products are made in the USA with quality craftsmanship and materials. All price are subject to change depending on the volume of purchase, upgrades, sponsorship, discounts, design time, and other various factors. A quote will be issued and it will be broken down into two categories. The cost of the product and the design time.

Q: Can I make changes to semi custom template designs?

A: Absolutely! All you need to do is let us know what you want to change on the semi custom in the special requests box. We will then review and send you an updated design for you to review. Once we have approval on the updated design, we will then proceed constructing your kit. If large changes or artwork creation is needed, then it will be moved from semi custom to full custom and will require a 10 unit minimum.

Q: Won't someone have the same kit as me if I do Semi Custom?

A: Very Unlikely. Most of our customers have specific color choices and logos that separates them from other teams. With our templates, you can change up to six different colors on one design to make your kit unique. Plus, our semi custom templates are always getting updated with new designs.

Q: What are the shipping costs?

A: Please visit our Shipping page for more details on each shipping service we offer. Shipping will be based on weight and speed of delivery. We do offer overnight and international shipping. Shipping cost will be determined when quoting. We will have promotions at various times.

Q: Will you guys take any special requests?

A: Aero Tech Designs wants every customer to have a positive experience when ordering custom kits. That is why we always try to satisfy special requests from customers. If you are wondering about any special request, let us know and we will try our best to try to accommodate.

Q: Can you produce items that are not on the price guide, such as big and tall sizes or children's products?

A: Aero Tech is known for accommodating big and tall sizes and children's products. With the Aero Tech Designs Custom that will also be true, although, they might not show up on our price guide. When getting quoted, simply ask for the products desired and the corresponding sizes under the special requests box and the quote will reflect. If there is any way we cannot proceed, we will let you know immediately.

Q: We have ordered kits in the past, so is there anyways we can order accessories or other products without the design process?

A: Yes. All you need is your account number, previous invoice number, your team name, or even a main contact and we will be able to look up your past designs and orders. Once you have ordered from Aero Tech Designs Custom you are eligible for more discounts and promotions! We also have the option of a Team Store for teams that buy frequently from Aero Tech Designs Custom.

Q: What is a Team Headquarters?

A: A team "HQ" is an exclusive page for your teammates and you. You will have the ability to purchase previously designed garments, purchase new products that you team manager has added, and get any updates or information that is posted from anyone on the team. By having an Aero Tech Designs Team HQ, it allows us to complete your kits quicker, makes reordering easier, and it saves you money! Contact Us for more information.
Currently our Team Headquarters is under construction. Please stay tuned for more information.