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Restaurant & Sports Bar TV Control System

TIP: The below WolfPack Restaurant, Sports Bar, Casino & Bowling Alley TV Control System DEMO is better seen on a desktop, than a smart phone, so please forward it to your desktop to see the demonstration.

Scroll down to see a demonstration of our Restaurant, Sports Bar, Casino & Bowling Alley TV Control Systems controlling TVs up to 330' away & featuring:

  1. Control from anywhere, even home
  2. Any in, to any TV, any way you want
  3. Change DirecTV "channels"
  4. Change DISH "channels"
  5. Change Cable Box "channels"
  6. Send any channel to any of 160-TVs
  7. Turn TVs OFF & ON on the tablet
  8. The tablet shows your floor plan
  9. See a TV Guide
  10. CAT6 sends HDMI signals up to 330'
  1. Use other devices like PCs, DVDs, etc
  2. Optional Video Walls
  3. HDMI input cards & output cards
  4. Sports Bar Smartphone interface
  5. Uses 16 port network switch
  6. DBX multizone audio processor
  7. Pandora Phone & Tablet control
  8. Roku control hardware
  9. Dual Screens shows what's on TVs
  10. All on only one tablet screen!

PLAY WITH THE BELOW DEMO ON CONTROLLING YOUR MATRIX SYSTEM: Select a source on the left & then select the TVs you want to change on the right. Be sure to click around & try everything. It is super easy for bartenders, hostesses, waiters, waitresses, restaurant owners & non-technical people to use.

These systems fit well in Sports bars, Restaurants, Bowling alleys, Casinos, Country clubs, Men's Clubs, Gyms, Medical offices, Dental offices, Nail & Beauty salons, Sports arenas, Sports training facilities, and more.

Click along the bottom to see control options for lighting, audio, favorites, a DirecTV remote, ROKU control, a video wall & more.